Radically Improving

Radiology Collections

Are you ready for a team that handles collections radically different from most?

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the communication gap between your practice & your patients. 

Valuing your patients is our top priority.

We work proactively to achieve a positive outcome for all parties.

We service thousands of radiologists across the U.S.; Returning millions of dollars back to practices each year.

Specializing in radiology collections since 1981.

Our SCS Radiology Difference



Our goal at SCS Radiology is to decrease operating cost, increase cash flow, lower overhead, and streamline the revenue cycle process.

We assure clients a high level of quality, collaboration, and flexibility, as well as, an expeditious return on receivables. We make maximum return a top priority.



At SCS Radiology we guarantee each step of the revenue cycle management process is customized to meet the specific needs of each radiology client.

We foster strategic partnerships to guarantee a higher return on receivables. With over 35 years of business experience, SCS has a proven ability to help create and implement an effective receivables process.



The SCS RadiologyTeam is comprised of highly trained recovery experts and customer service representatives.

Our team integrates their knowledge, skills, and abilities and continue to outperform the competition with one goal in mind; Retrieving your funds.